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Tyler Crump, Head Coach

I started coaching people in 2014 and have loved it ever since! It took 26 years, but I finally found what I was passionate about and good at doing. I’ve helped people reach their goals through personal training, remote programming, and nutrition coaching.

My journey into health and fitness really started in college after I stopped playing sports. I was extremely overweight and I worked out pretty consistently but never lost the weight; I thought doing the same workout every day was good enough to outwork terrible nutrition. It wasn’t until I began doing smart workouts and I learned better nutrition strategies that I was able to start seeing results and lose over 100 pounds. 

No two people are the same, so why should their training and nutrition be the same? I believe everyone has their own reason for why he or she needs exercise and good nutrition and those habits need to be unique to each person as well.


my Certifications


CrossFit Level 2


OPEX Associate Coach


OPEX Nutrition


OPEX Assessment


OPEX Program Design


OPEX Life Coaching


OPEX Business Systems


Functional Movement Screen Level 1


Precision Nutrition Level 1


OPEX Mixed Modal

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We’re on a mission to improve people’s lives through individualized health coaching and improving fitness performance through individualized strength and conditioning programs.

Training plans

Custom workouts specifically written for you to reach your goals. 

Nutrition Plans

Meal plans and nutritional coaching to help you learn eating habits that fall in line with your purpose.

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Combine services to help achieve a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

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Client Testimonials

"I have been using Tyler's personal programming at home since March
2020, as the gym closed due to COVID.  At first, I had only planned on using the programming for the short term. Tyler was able to not only continue to give me workouts that kept me engaged, but I was able to get much better results from the program he custom-tailored to my needs than I ever got from group classes."

- Nathan M.

"Working with Tyler has been a game changer. Every goal I’ve set with
him, he has helped me achieve. Currently working with Tyler for SWAT
tryouts. With Tyler you're not a number, you're a person who he takes
a personal interest in."

- Cody D.

"Tyler not only has an incredible depth of knowledge in the areas of programming, recovery, nutrition, and sleep but he cares deeply for his clients. This is difficult to find and I am blessed to have him in the driver's seat. As a Masters's athlete, Tyler has helped me accomplish my dream of competing on the big stage (Wodapalooza) and being in the top 1% of Master athletes in the world."

- Dana M.